Playing all files in a folder in a loop

I have a new install of OSMC using Kodi with Estuary skin. I have files copied to the SD card and synced to a folder on our networks. If a new file is copied to the SD card, it will play. If one is deleted, it seems to just skip right over the missing file.

The folder is set up as a video source and the files are synced to the Movies folder in the OSMC home directory.

I did not create an actual playlist other than just Queueing each of the files in the initially.

This seems to work flawlessly for a while, playing all through the list of 8 or so files, then repeating. That is exactly what I want. If I add a file to the folder being used as the video source, it picks up on it and starts playing that file. If I remove one it doesn’t cause any problems.

The problem is, this will loop numerous times without a problem, but when I take a look at it half an hour, an hour, maybe a couple of hours later, I will see that it has stopped at some point. There is no rhyme or reason to when or why it eventually stops.

I need to know what is going wrong, and if I’m doing it wrong, what is the correct way to be able to play all files in a folder repeatedly in order without anyone having to go in and modify playlists etc when the files in the folder change.

I have updated the OSMC install to the latest as of last Friday. Running Kodi 17 on my desktop and setting it up the same way, I haven’t found it in a stopped mode yet (of course it could still stop at any time I suppose).

I would also like to have it just start playing the files in the folder when Kodi restarts if that is possible.

Truthfully, I don’t understand the relationships between playlists and the library, movies vs videos etc. None of the files I am playing are in the library. because it won’t add them. I read that this is because there is no matching metadata for them.

Nutshell: I want Kodi to start playing the files in the video source called “Home” (the osmc/home/Movies folder on the raspberry pi device) as soon as it starts, one after the other, then start at the beginning again ad infinitum.

We would need to see logs to have any idea what’s going on with that. The instructions are in this link.

OK the system ran longer than it usually does but it did stop earlier this morning. The generic Kodi I am running on my Linux workstation using the same set of files has never stopped since I started it.

Here is the link for the logs that I grabbed after the OSMC system stopped:

The log is empty. I did turn on debugging, then restarted the system. It is still running in debug mode because I can see the info on the screen.

In an attempt to fix the problem I turned debug mode off, rebooted, then turned it back on and rebooted again. Then started the files playing. I hope to get an actual log next time the playback stops.

Playback stopped again. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what time but the log at this url should show it. I couldn’t get it to upload a log…seemed to start but never finished so I grabbed what was there and uploaded it myself.

Thanks for any help.


Every time the playback has just stopped for no apparent reason, I have had a browser open to the machine (watching to see if playback stopped). I noticed several JSON errors in the logs and so I closed the browser after posting my update yesterday. The system hasn’t stopped yet. I am wondering if just having a browser open could cause the problem? I did notice periodic “loss of connection” messages in the browser when I had it open.