Playing copy-protected dvds?

This does not work for me. The dvd plays in our regular player though. I cannot copy the dvd files to hf as it is copy-protected. Is there any way around this? The dvd was fantastic beasts (not very good) and yes we bought the dvd legally.

This will allow you to extract the movie file from the disk and remove the copy protection.

I tend to RIP it under Linux just fine. Most copy protections can be circumvented there.
The very hard ones - very honestly, I procure the Digital copy elsewhere. Note, I own the Media, I just want to watch it on my Player without installing the spyware that goes with it to enable me looking it under windows (Usually you can go into a Sony site to download the Spyware that lets you watch it on your Windows device. Also sends telemetry data back home and all the associated crap). Very intrusive.

@Smurphy, what do you use to Rip under Linux? My storage/tvheadend box is an OpenSuse one.

I wholeheartedly agree and have hated copy protection ever since Lotus started punching holes in 5.25" disks… Copy protection does not stop the professional bootleggers and only create a hassle for hones people that buy the material. We resorted to viewing with a regulat DVD-player, but then without surround.

I doubt that I would want to watch this again. I liked the HP movies, but this was very thin and mainly relied on special effects. I do want to be prepared for the future. Testing Make mkv now.

Works perfectly!

Using Handbrake to RIP the movies. Sometimes I have to fiddle with the Filesystem mounting, as some copy protections simulated a broken device etc. In the past, I followed various workarounds to rip the DVD/BluRay myself. Now I just get over to Plan-B. Takes too much time, and that is something I don’t have anymore :frowning:

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I use MakeMKV to rip everything from DVD to UHD on Linux Mint.

Great. I will try installing it on Linux as well.