Playing movies jerky

Hi everybody,

first of all I want I want to apologize cuase my english is quite so…
second I want to apologize for the topics that maybe was dealed with yet. (if so please can you address me to the right topic ?)

Well I’m a complete newbie of OSMC, I’ve bought a Raspberry Pi 2 B last week. I’ve installed OSMC on it.
I’ve set it up, connected to the WiFi, installed Deluged on it.
I’m pretty happy of this amazing new toy!
But now here is the “dark side”… yesterday I’ve played 2 movies (an avi and a mkv) and the movies where playing like in slow-motion.
The audio quality was perfect and synched with video.
The video quality was perfect.
But it was played like if sinked in molasses.
(It remembers me the bullet time effect of Matrix…)
Can anybody help me ? I’ve tried to search any solution on the net but with no success. (the tweaks didn’t work for me)
Should I supply you more infos ?

Any help would be appreciated

Do you have the same problem when you connect your PI to a LAN Cable?

Have you bought and installed any licens keys?

Same issue with LAN cable.

No I didn’t. Do you think could be useful to download the licence key ?

It depends on the video you are playing, you have to post media info for the files you have trouble with.