Playlist "RunPlugin" multiple calls

I think I have identified a potential error in OSMC which is causing kodi to crash where a plugin is being called with a plugin URL from a playlist and the “RunPlugin” command will run 5 times as per the error reported on Kodi 18.3:

I am posting this because I want to highlight this issue and i dont know how to check if the source code has been updated in OSMC 18.5 as this error was apparently resolved in Kodi

So basically I have a service plugin which I use to write what I watch to a playlist. Mostly ive been using openmeta but as it is on its last legs and the dev is MIA i am preparing to switch to themoviedbhelper but this plugin, when i write the plugin url to an M3U playlist, will run the same “RunPlugin” step 5 times. Which will then consequently cause the same dialog to reload over itself and then crash kodi when you select an entry.

This appears to be linked to the resolved error I provided the url to above and I wanted to make sure that this fix for “PlayListPlayer.cpp” has been implemented in Osmc.

I can provide more information as required.

If the issue was solved after Kodi 18.3, then the fix will be in the latest version of OSMC.