PLEX add on does not work properly


I am running the latest OSMC/PLEX on a Pi3. I have the official PLEX add on installed from there KODI repository.

Problem 1 - Not all file types will play, I get a “failed to stream” message. The error doesnt seem to be associated with a single file type and sometime a file of the same type will play?

Problem 2 - My PLEX channels do not show up?

As direct play from a network disc locally OSMC/Pi plays all files fine. It only goes wrong when PLEX Haddon is used.

Don’t know if its significant but everything plays back fine using the PLEX app on iPhone/ipad/Android. Just OSMC/PLEX that doesn’t work

This is very likely to be a Plex add-on issue.

The best place for support will be on the Kodi forum: