Plex add-on, ok in lan but fails from internet


first of all sorry for my english.

I have a synalogy nas and I have installed plex media server. It is working ok in my lan with plex add-on for kodi and also for plex android app.

It is also working with plex android app throught internet with 4G connection.

Unfortunatelly plex add-on for kodi/osmc is not working when I am outsite. For example yesterday in my father-in-law house, it did not work from my raspberry-pi-2. I tried also kodi for windows with the same result.

am I missing something? or just, plex add-on for kodi/osmc only works in the internal LAN?

Thanks in advance


opened/forwarded ports?

probly get better support at from the author of that addon

of course, port 32400 is open and redirected

With android app in remote way works perfectly