Plex - No Servers Found

Hi, when I open the Plex app I get message “No Servers Found - Server is not accessible. Please sign into your server and check your connection”, which I have done. Plex plays on all other apps. Any ideas?

What is running your plex server? Is it on your lan and have you checked to make sure your on the same subnet? Have you set both the server and the client for allowing insecure connections on the same network?

HP ProLiant Gen8 server - Windows Server 2016. Yes it’s on lan, the local subnet is the same on client and ISP router. should I check it on the server also as all other clients find it?
I’ve set Plex server to allow insecure connections but cannot find where to allow them on the Vero /Kodi . I will allow on the server also.
It was finding the server perfectly until today but I have not accessed it for some while.
Thanks for your help.

Running it from Windows is good. Some of the NAS’s can be quirky. In the Plex client at the top of the screen it shows your username (email address) and if you click on that there is a settings drop down and I think the default is to never allow insecure connections. I had this issue when I first setup my machine (Plex server on Win10 Pro, client on RPi) and allowing unsecured LAN access was a lot less headache than figuring out why the token wasn’t working.

Now this is me just taking a guess. If you turn on Debug logging the kodi log should provide some insight into what is going on.

Sorted, thank you so much.

Your welcome. Was is just a token issue or did you have to do something else?

The only other thing was to enable insecure local on the Plex server.

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You mean Plex client don’t you?

Sorry for delay in response. Thought it had sent from my phone but obviously not.
No, prior to you advising me where to allow insecure connection on the client I enabled it in the Plex Server itself. That didn’t work but on the client it did.