Plug External drive with usb hub to vero is KO


ive buy an external drive:

and a usb hub:

If i plug my external drive on my usb hub,and my hub to my vero 4k, its does not recognized my drive.

if i plus directly my drive on vero, its OK.

But i must supply my drive with the usb hub, for not use current of vero 4k.

sorry for my bad english …

Help me thx

Does the USB hub work on another computer/laptop? maybe it’s simply broken.

ist work on my computer

Does the hub come with its own power supply ? Make sure everything is plugged in. Try to connect other HDD to threw the hub to the vero and see if it works.

It looks as if the HDD does not come with a power cord so that means that it pulls power from the usb if that is the case it could be that the hub does not provide enough power.

the hub have this own power supply (5 V / 2,5 A), its for what i plug my dd on the hub.
My dd have only a USB cable.
so my DD its supply by the hub.

Did you try rebooting the vero with everything plugged in?

I think there’s a problem with that hub.
It is also not working with Rasp Pi.

I have some 1TB HDDs connected to Vero4k using powered USB hubs - with no problems. But the USB hubs are official Rasp Pi hubs.

Sorry for the off topic but can you link to one of those official hubs ?

Indeed – if the drive is working directly in the Vero 4K, but not the hub, then it’s likely that the hub is going to be the issue.

You can get away with driving one hard drive with the included adapter without a hub; but it’s touch and go (we can’t verify all disks) and if you experience problems the first thing I would tell you to do would be to power the disk with an external power supply.

We understand that the 2 USB ports on Vero 4K is sometimes not sufficient, so we’re going to add a recommended hub to the OSMC Store in the very near future (next couple of weeks)


I try tonight

The usb hub is not the problem, the problem is the compatibility with vero4k. Because he works perfectly on my computer.

i ve buy this hub for don’t use the power supply of vero for my DD. So my DD don’t use the current of vero.

The hub (on OSMC Store) will be compatible with my disk and the vero ?


The hub will intend to provide adequate power for external USB drives and will also work on the Vero 4K and Pi.

I see no reason why your hub wouldn’t work on the 4K however, unless you had a power (or cable) issue.