Possible problem with suspend mode


I do have a question regarding suspend mode and I don’t really know whether it’s a problem.
First the Vero switched on my TV (was in standby mode) without me doing anything while in suspend mode, so I deactivated CEC. Now the vero turns on again (turns blue) without me doing anything while in suspense mode, but without the TV turning on.
I understood that the Vero basically stays on even in suspend mode, but the HDMI signal is off, right?
So is this basically a question of red or blue light and I don’t really have a problem?

Thx for any insight/help.


I think the vero4k is coming out of suspend to update the EPG.

Try disabling PVR and see if it still comes out of suspend.

Thanks Tom.

There are some issues with incorrectly waking up, will be fixed in the next update.

Okay thank you two for your reply. PVR disabIing did not work. I will wait for the next update, then.