Possible to do apt-get upgrade?

In RaspBMC doing apt-get update & upgrade often broke the system. Doing a bit of searching around the forum seems to suggest that this has changed for OSMC. Will you be able to have continual security and feature updates though apt-get? If so, how will it work? Will you be piggybacking off the Raspbian project like before for packages or will you be hosting them yourselves?

Looking forward to the upcoming stable release!

OSMC delivers all of its updates via APT. This means you can run apt-get upgrade just fine. I recommend however that you run apt-get dist-upgrade for a complete update.

OSMC is not based on Raspbian directly. Only the Raspberry Pi 1 variant is, but the Pi 2 variant is based off of Debian Jessie directly.


Isn’t Raspian based off Wheezy? Won’t thiscause a lot of inconsistencies between the package versions in RP1 and RP2?

OSMC is based off of Raspbian Jessie.