Possible to force OSMC reinstall onto USB key?

So I had a working install with the /boot on SD and everything else on the USB key originally installed using the OSMC installer.

This has worked great until recently when the USB key seems to have corrupted itself. I’m currently running fsck -c on it but it does not look promising.

So my question is that I have still a perfectly serviceable SD boot drive. Is there a way to change a flag/setting so as to force the reinstall of OSMC onto a new replacement USB key without having to start from scratch?


If you cannot get anything from the usb stick then you might as well go for a clean install, as any libraries, customizing will be inaccessible.

fsck -c is returning over 100k errors at 35% so I’ve ordered a new flash drive. Was just trying to see if I could avoid having to set things up from scratch again. No biggie.