Possible to modify skin to do this?

I use the Aeon Nox Silvo skin and am wondering if a modification I want to make is possible. When I’m in the movies list, going right once will select the scroll bar (which I don’t use but oh well) and going right again will blank out the list to display the fanart (um, okay). I’d like after the first “right” for it to open the information for the movie. Even better if I could make it so pressing left from the leftmost item on the info screen were to go back to the list. Navigation with arrows and not my remotes menu button would be amazing.

Is this even possible? I previously asked on the Kodi forums about modifying a widget and was more or less told not to hold my breath.

You should ask the skin developer here: Aeon Nox: SiLVO

Will do.

It should be trivial to do that. In the respective view xml file you have to look for the list control. That control and the scrollbar control belonging to it will have an onright and an onleft. These would have to be adjusted to achieve what you’re looking for…

Awesome! I’ll start digging around and see if I can stumble my way through it. Thanks!

So I found a page that told me how to turn on the debugger but I am totally out of my element. I can’t get my bearings at all.