Possible to order only the remote?

My roommate lost the remote and Vero is kinda useless now. Is it possible to order only the remote?

It is feasible to use other remotes - if you’ve set one up for raspbmc, you can use that, or you can use a phone app

The remote is available for pre-order at osmc.tv I believe


Thanks, I’ve preordered one.

If you have a smart phone, it is much better to control the Vero with the apps. And Sam has replace my HDMI cable on my second Vero order for a friend I now can use the Samsung Smart TV remote to control My Vero too. So my Vero remote is now useless.

The Vero Remote is one of my favorite things about the Vero TV System. As soon as I received the email about pre-orders beginning mid-may, I marked my calendar, and since then pre-ordered, and paid for it. I see it comes with the receiver, to connect to the GPIO pins, so ordered a different case to accommodate that.

Looking forward to this!!