Powering on via HDMI CEC

HDMI CEC has been such a huge pain of incompatibility for so many years I’ve effectively given up on it. I typically leave my media player (RPi, ODroid C2, PINE64, and now a Vero 4K+) on 24x7, switching off just the receiver and TV when not use. The Vero consumes very little power so I’m not overly concerned about that.

However, I’m considering trying HDMI CEC again now that it’s working properly with my Marantz/Samsung combo. I’m curious what kind of results others have had with getting this to work?

Currently I turn on the TV, which then turns on the receiver. I have a funny feeling there’s no way to make this turn on the Vero but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

If you use standby/suspend mode instead of powering off the Vero, it should work.