Pre purchase question about HDR playback specs

Hello there. I am thinking of buying the VERO 4K+. But I have a question about how HDR content is handled.

Right now I have a nice working system of a Win10 PC with Kodi 17 Krypton that is complied with “DSPlayer” and not the normal standard kodi “videoplayer”. This build uses “MadVR” for HDR playback. I choose to use this build as it give better HDR viewing quality. Kodi 18 does not from what I have tested do HDR passthrough. So all HDR content is mixed down to SDR. This is fine for most stuff. But I am a nerd. So I gotta have that full HDR. I paid for a Dolby Vision display. I want to make full use of it

Anyway. So as I know that OSMC with Kodi built in is what is bundled with the VERO 4K+. I would like to know before I buy, Is this the same scenario on linux based OSMC/Kodi. Is the HDR content down converted to SDR (tone mapping)? Or does OSMC use HDR passthrough?

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Vero doesn’t support Dolby vision it only does HDR10 at the moment as far as I know

Yes,. I understand why Dolby Vision is not a thing for software like OSMC/Kodi. I was just stating that I have a Dolby Vision display and so have HDR compatibility. My bad

Vero4k and 4k + play HDR10 and will play HLG when the kernel is upgraded to 4.9 later this year. It does not and will not support DolbyVision.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘passthrough’. We decode the video and pass through all the metadata we can to the display device. If the display device does not advertize HDR support, there is tonemapping from HDR to SDR (Rec709).

This is what info I was asking for. You see. On Windows 10. Kodi 18 does not passthrough metadata to the display. Only the “DSplayer” version of Kodi 17 does that. And only because it is complied with “MadVR”. “MadVR” does all the rendering and metadata passthrough. Standard Kodi on Windows has no metadata passthrough at all. All HDR content is converted to SDR.

This is why I wanted to ask before I buy the Vero 4K+. Otherwise there is no real reason for me to have another device if is not as good as what setup I have already.

The main reason I am looking to buy the Vero 4K+ is so that I don’t need to have my Windows PC on just to watch a movie. This means no fan noise and in the long term. Lower power bills.

Thanks for you input.


Vero 4K + does not rely on Kodi to pass through metadata.
It’s handled above Kodi. But we do not use an external player so you can still use Kodi features.

Hope this makes sense – it can be a bit tricky to explain