Problem installing OSMC for Apple TV on to USB Memory

After having successfully installed Kodi on my iPhone without jailbreak I thought I would give OSMC a go on my Apple TV 1. However, I am having problems installing OSMC on a USB memory stick from my Macbook Pro. I am using a new 16 GB SanDisc Cruzer Blade USB Flash drive and the installation process appears to go smoothly until the USB stick is “unmounted” from the desktop and when the process finishes a message pops up to say that the inserted USB device is unreadable by “this computer”. However, the message from the OSMC installer appears to indicate that the installation was successful. Is it normal for the USB flash drive to be unreadable by the mac after the OSMC installation or has something gone wrong? I have repeated the process using a formatted SanDisk Extreme SD card but the end result was exactly the same. Any help would be much appreciated.

Just ignore the message that the disk is unreadable and make sure you don’t choose to reformat it.

The partition on the disk is an EFI recovery partition and the Finder does not like disks with only a recovery partition, and no “normal” visible partitions, hence the warning.

Did you try booting it on the Apple TV ?

Thanks for your reply - I thought that might be the case but I have not been able to test on the Apple TV yet - as you will know the HDMI & Micro USB ports on it are very close together and I have ordered what I hope will be a suitable adapter that will plug in beside the HDMI cable - unless you have any other suggestions? I did reformat the USB stick FAT 32 after the first time I got the failure notification, I then repeated the installation process which appeared to go OK so I assume OSMC has been installed correctly?

Apologies for troubling everyone - but I discovered my Apple TV is a 2nd and not 1st Generation model and so it could not have Kodi Installed without a Jailbreak! However, the response I received certainly taught me something and may in future help someone else. It may also be of interest to learn that I did resort to a Jailbreak of my ATV 2 running 6.2.1 software and I used the latest (and I believe a beta) version of Seas0nPass to do so. The interesting thing is that I understood that this would give me a Tethered Jailbreak. However, what I ended up with was apparently an Untethered Jailbreak and I have now installed Kodi and run the TVaddons Config Wizard successfully! Perhaps the reason for the Untethered version is that my ATV had been jailbroken some time ago before I decided to un-jailbreak by restoring in iTunes?