Problem OSMC startup

I guys, i’m having quite a problem. My OSMC worked flawslesslys until today. I’ve changed my cable operator. And he keeped all my configs but my OSMC, aperars the initial screen saying OSMC but after that stays black and i can’t do anything more.
Please help me, anyone … pleaaaaaaaaase.

Can you SSH into your Pi? Need more information to find out what’s going wrong.

Getting OSMC logs to diagnose problems

Yes i can SSH, i can access it also on my network via windows. The problem is that after the blue OSMC screen it stays black and just stays there.
The only diference i had is that my cable operator changed, could it be something ‘blocking’ in my new router?

No. None whatsoever. Something else has changed that you are missing. Different HDMI port or cable?

Nope. All the cables and conections are the same. I said, it could maybe something ‘blocking’ in the new router 'cause i got a MySQL database configured and i thought it could have some kind of problem connecting to MySQL. 'Cause the network seems to work, since i can SSH into to it.
When i get home, i’ll try and see the log to see if i can find anything. By the way, can anyone tell me where’s the log file?

If the IP of the mysql server has changed, that might cause an issue. A new router should not be blocking mysql traffic on your lan though.

Thanks, when i get home i’ll try to figure what went wrong.