Problem ripping CDs after update to 9.2.4/Kodi18.8

I updated to 9.2.4/kodi18.8 yesterday after having many frustrations getting artist and title for ripping or playing CDs with the 9.2.3/kodi18.7 . I heard the problem was fixed in 18.8.

As normally happens with these damn never ending updates just a new set of problems…

Now the CDs will not rip. The CD artists and titles are now recogniszed, however the CD may start to rip, make folders then …nothing. Sometines it will rip for a few seconds then quit.

Can anyone else confirm this problem?

There is no official update to 18.8 yet, the update to Buster (that included Kodi 18.8) is still in early testing.

What platform are you using, Pi or Vero?

Is the CD drive self powered, or USB powered?

sorry my bad wrong distro!

I just just going to comment on the 9.2.4 part…