Problem Updating Vero 4k

Hi I’m having problems updating my Vero 4k as it keeps stalling on the 63 of 64 files in the osmc updater during the download phase here is the logs link I have previously updated before and I have have never had this issue, I have rebooted the device, turned it off and unplugged from the mains and I also rebooted my Internet connection just to be safe and doing all this still didn’t fix it and I did note during the download process the speed went weird like it added in lots of numbers in that speed section before it went back to normal. Could it be a problem on the server end? As I don’t want to waste anymore data trying to update it.

The log doesn’t seem to show an update attempt.
You might wish to try in a little while however in case there are some connectivity issues.


Weird I did multiple attempts to update and the logs not showing anything, will it leave for a day or two before trying again

Do you know how to use SSH?

The output of:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

would be useful


Never done this before so a guide would be of help please

See Accessing the command line - General - OSMC
You may just wish to wait a while


It’s complaining that a number of the hashes are incorrect here is the logs again (did follow the guide on how to get them correctly)
Here is the ssh logs

Can you put the SSH logs on the osmc pastebin?


Looks like a Debian mirror problem rather than a problem with an OSMC mirror.

This should fix itself soon enough.

Where are you based? This may help other users in the same region


I’m based in South Africa, my brother also has the 4k+ so I’ll tell him about the the temp problem with the update issue.

Sorry Jonathan – I didn’t see your name until I clicked your profile. Apologies!

Sometimes regional mirrors can play up, but these are usually addressed promptly. There’s probably no-one at the helm at the moment given the fact it’s Easter.

It appears to be a Debian issue


No problem you did all you can with this issue as such its a waiting game now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OSMC packages are also affected, so it’s unlikely to be just a Debian mirror issue.

I had wondered if you were being affected by a dodgy transparent proxy though the log in the first post shows that vero364-image-3.14.29-143-osmc_143_arm64.deb had an md5sum of 6e2027f9686de129a1287e4bbe729ab2 whereas the same file had an md5sum of bd4eeec83477467f13730495c2ac32d3 in the latest log. (It should be 07798ecbfd8c37cb7f35ba3d6f2c4fba)

So I’m more inclined to think it could be a bad transparent proxy (or even proxies) or some more general network-related issue.

Finally updated my Vero 4k, my solution was to use a different internet provider and router yes it was a bit slower for the download process to happen but the end process is an up to date device, thou the theme I used was the confluence which is now disabled due to incompatibly with current version, hopefully they will update it and I can use it again. So for those that problems downloading the update is to try a different internet provider.