Problem whit the last update

I got a problem whit the latest update.
Minidlna does’nt start anymore whithout errors and if i look for other osmc’s updates it return an error.
This is the log, thanks in advance.


Whats the error message returned?

Thanks Tom.

an installation error, contact the comunity.
Somethings like that.


If you could access the command line:

issue the following command:

sudo apt-get update

and then:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If you get an error message back on either of those please report them back here.

Thanks Tom.

i did it, no errors, but if i use the gui there still exist the error, and minidlna doen’t start anyway


From looking at the logs, I can’t see any further issues; it looks like you are update to date. So hopefully the gui issue will clear, on the next update.

As for minidlna, does it start if you issue:

sudo service minidlna start

If it does, please issue:

sudo update-rc.d minidlna enable

Then reboot, and see if it starts on startup (At this point it may be worth check myosmc update to see if the error clears).

If minidlna fails to start with the service command, then try starting it manually:


And advise what the error is.

Thanks Tom.

Nothing, there is nothing on the minidlna log too.
[2018/01/12 20:20:51] minidlna.c:155: warn: received signal 15, good-bye
this is the last line, some days ago

I use the latest version of minidlna manually compiled and it worked perfectly before the update


The update has moved from jessie to stretch, you will probably need to to recompile and reinstall again.

Thanks Tom.

thanks a lot , i recompiled it and now it work!

glad to hear its sorted.