Problem with Folders

Dear Team, I have saved the episodes of my series in folders on my NAS. What could be the reason why I can’t delete or rename the files from some folders (not all!) under OSMC (current version)? Both in iOS on the iPhone and in Explorer on Windows, the files from these problematic folders can be deleted, moved, copied, etc. without any problems.

If I move the file on my iPhone e.g. to another folder, it can also be deleted easily under OSMC. So the problem only affects a part of the created folders and not the files themselves. Is there an explanation for this?

Greetings, ernesto

This could be permissions related


Check the permissions on the NAS. You don’t really give much information to go on, but if you are just using Kodi mounts the user will be 500:osmc.

If you are using system mounts (fstab or autofs) and SMB, you can control the user when mounting. If you are using NFS then like with Kodi mounts the user will be 500:osmc and can’t easily be changed.

The easy solution is to brute force the permissions on the NAS. Just give the top level folder rwxrwxrwx permissions. If you can ssh into the NAS, chmod -R 777 /path/to/folder will do that for you.