Problem with OSMC Installer

Hello there,

there are 2 things:

If you use the OSMC Installer for the RPI4 Image you can choose to preset the networking to wireless, but these did not work for the RPi4. Most of us know this but not all Sam can you change the installer to verbose the option on RPI4 or fix the wifi behavior?

The Installer offers for the RPI4 the Image from the 01.08.2021on the Image Server is a second Image from the 26.09.2021 what is about the newer one?

It’s a know bug and for sure will be fixed as soon as there is time.

The second Image is the testing image with the Kernel fix for booting without screen connected

Yeah, just a little hint even on the download page would help about this issues would be nice

Helps me a lot I use the the OSMC behind an DENON Reciever on a Beamer