Problems adding NFS share

Hi All

I’ve just had to change the static IP of my NAs drive following a change in broadband providers with new providers router running on a different range of ip addresses…

going back in to OSMC now to update my library (i removed everything, cleaned library) it takes an absolute age to progress to find anything NFS related. Am i missing something? I can add other sources really quickly, but NFS nope - seems wrong. Is this a know issue or am I needing to change / alter something?

Im running most up to date osmc on a pi2B+

Have you installed Samba from the appstore?

Can you reach the NAS via ICMP etc from the Pi?

Have you checked the subnet matches that of the Pi?

This would have nothing to do with NFS.

The default gateway is likely different. Check that as well as the ip and subnet mask.