Problem's mute and démute with remote


I have some problems with osmc that i just installed on my Rasperry2,

firstly, sound is muted ever boot and i need to plug in my keyboard and press F8 to reactivate it that is embarrassing, i would like use my phone as remote controller but it seems there is no mute/demute button on it.

secondly, i enabled the video recorder as default but is useless for me, i thought disable it but i didn’t see any option to do it.

Can you please help me to solve theses problems?
I also seek for a french community for osmc but i didn’t find it, have you any information about?

Thank you by advance and have a nice day.

That is strange, does the same happen if you “unmute” by pressing “+” and then reboot?
Also before unmuting and after unmuting can you do cat .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml | paste-log and post the URL’s here.
I assume as you “just installed on my Raspberry2” that you have not configured anything special like bluetooth or pulse server?

What do you refer to as “video recorder”?

Which APP did you install? Kore? Not sure about Kore, but install yatse that APP has an unmute button