Problems screen saver

hi there.

I’m running the last release of osmc on my Rp3, everything works fine exept one thing.

The screensaver doesn’t work perfectly. le sreen wake up each 10 sec or something like that. Like if something runs on back. for example, when i pause a movie, the screen goes from wake up to DIm everytime or the same when i play radio or music…

I found that in kodi.log
WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings

IpTV doesn’t work either so perhaps iptv wake up the screen every X secondes?

If someone has an idea

No ideas without logs.

I have the same problem since kodi 17 with an LG TV. The logs did not show anything useful.

Do you have a LG TV too?

I hope it is related to the cec problems that are fixed in the next update.

That’s crazy, this problem make me angry since I installed OSMC. I posted 2 days ago for trying resolve it.

Nothing useful in log… Duckduckgo doesn’t help me with it.

Yesterday, you notified me, in the same time update do its job and now it works :slight_smile:

I have a Lg TV too and I think I don’t want to know what was the problem.

hopefully, the problem is solved for you too.

So it might be solved by the cec update.
That’s good isn’t it? So why so angry?

no I was ungry. everything works now:slight_smile:

That’s very good. Is it working good for you?

Yes, the problem is fixed for me, too.