Problems setting up MySQL


I am setting up MySQL to act as a central server for all of my machines as suggested in another thread. I am working away through the instructions (Freenas, Nas4Free extensions: MySQL - Aganimnorth) setting up MySQL on my NAS4Free and when I performed this step:
pkg_add -r mysql50-server

I got the following error

Error: Unable to get release/Latest/mysql50-server.tbz: File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no ac cess)
pkg_add: unable to fetch ‘ -9.1-release/Latest/mysql50-server.tbz’ by URL

I know this is probably not the correct forum to post this in as it is a NAS4Free issue, but I thought I would try here first since others have set up this systems well.

I would follow the Kodi guide, and not the one above which is for FreeBSD.