Problems with divx5 videos after September update


after the latest update videos in divx5 doesn’t work. I can hear just sound with lags. I can’t stop the video, I need to restart the device. Videos in other codecs work with no problem. I can play the divx5 videos when I turn off the hardware acceleration, but then I’m unable to play HD videos. This is the only suspicious record within the log file:

WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

Sorry but one line of debug log doesn’t help anybody. :wink:

Please enable debug mode in Kodi, try to play the video that doesn’t play properly, then upload full debug logs using the MyOSMC log uploader.

Also please run the “mediainfo” program over the file you are having difficulty playing and post the information about the file given by mediainfo.

Only with this information could anything be done.

Thank you for your quick response.

Here is the full log:
And here is the media info of the video file:

Thank you in advance.

Does it help if you disable omxplayer?
Does it help if you disable omxplayer and MMAL?
(in video/acceleration settings).

Yes, if I disable both (omxplayer and NMAL) it works. But after that I’m unable to play Live TV stations in HD smoothly (probably all HD videos, but I didn’t try) :frowning:

What about just disabling omxplayer?

Unfortuntaly disabling just omxplayer has no effect.

Can you provide a sample file? E.g. cut a minute or two sample and upload to a hosting site (e.g. dropbox/google drive)

here is the sample:

Thanks for sample. It’s actually the deinterlace rather than the DivX5 codec that is the problem.
I don’t actually believe the file is interlaced, but it is flagged as so, and the unusual height is causing a problem.

If you disable deinterlace or choose “bob” the file will play.
I’ll have a fix for the next osmc update.

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Thank you very much!