Problems with playing streams with addons that not using inputstream Adaptive

…e.g. german “ARD or ZDF” media streams with “ARD Mediathek” (v5.1.1) or “ZDF Mediathek” (v4.1.2) addon. I think, there are a kind of buffering-issue.

CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

debug-log (kodi):
full log:

Often, the stream starts for 1s, short “buffering” but then nothing…

Streaming-Addons which using inputstream.adaptive works fine.

problem solved… I don’t know why, but the streams doesn’t work with google DNS-Server at the moment… the streams didn’t work @Panasonic-TV internal app and @webbrowser… I switched to another dns-server and it works… :confused: