Problems with Raspberry pi 3+

Hey all! i found OSMC on the pi 3+ unstable at least, kernel panics, sad faces, restarts,freezes etc, the sd card it’s ok, the osmc was install from a windows and a linux pc.
This are the logs
Have a great day!

How do you know? Did you tested it (how?)?
How about power supply, Pi3B+ is more power hungry

I know because I’ve tested with 4 sd cards, ive tested 3 power supplies have a rasp 3 and a 3+ so on the 3 everything its ok but with 3 + it’s bad bad bad

What are the power supply ratings? That sound like either powersupply or a Hardware issue

Are the official power supplies versions. On raspbian with kodi i have a stable os but kodi is restarting closings etc.

You may have some faulty hardware then.
Your logs don’t seem to show any issues however.

Try a different SD card.

I did and i have the same problem. Now i did a fresh install using rpi3 and the updates and then switch to 3+ but now i get sad face when using addons and then i need to w8 like 2-3 min to get away from the sad face splash. Any ideeas?

Update. If u switch the card from 3 to 3+ everything will work great for a time.

Hmm what if on 3+ there is a chache problem? Where its filling up faster?

You have a hardware issue by the sounds of it I’m afraid. You may wish to RMA the Pi.

Yea you are right. Tomorrow i will go to the seller. But it’s bugging me of because i don’t know what’s wrong with it.

buy a vero 4k :slight_smile:
it’s a super raspberry pi +++ with speed, memory, H265 and 4K !
(I am a happy buyer)

seriously, it is impossible that it is a problem other than material, think that it would know if the raspberry pi was a “lame donkey”!
Otherwise, it can come from a bad power supply but ESPECIALLY a bad SD card, but since you have tested others, it can only be hardware.

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Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: