Problems with skins

Hey guys. I have been configuring OSMC for the past few days. I am an extreme noob to the world of Pi and HTPC software.

I have been trying out various skins but I am having trouble with something in particular. I have an external HDD hooked up to my Pi via USB. I have three folders containing movies in the root of the drive which are “Kid’s Movies” “Dad’s Movies” and “TV Shows”.

I really want to keep the three folders separate but I have come into an issue when displaying them on various skins. I go into the settings for Dad’s movies and choose Video Library/Sources/Kids Movies “Create Menu Item Here” Then I choose Movies. But when I do this, it displays all the movies from both folders. If I instead choose “Files View” instead of “Movies”, it displays only the movies from the Kid’s Movies folder, but some of the artwork is missing and the thumbnails are all zoomed in.

This is a problem no matter which skin I use, so it’s not a skin issue. As I said I am an extreme noob so I am probably missing something simple.

By “going into the settings” I mean, every skin has a “Home Screen Configuration” kind of setting. I’m talking about the one that says “Choose Item” “Change Action” “Choose Thumbnail”. That sort of thing.

You should be able to realize separate movie views using profiles, see
Since this is a more Kodi related question/issue, I think it will be better served in the specific forum

No worries, thanks for the reply. I will post it over there.

Kodi doesn’t care where your media is stored once it’s in the library. It only goes on metadata. So your only option for separating media into different collections is to use profiles (ie different libraries) or possibly use custom genres.