Pulseaudio server not working anymore after Jan update


after updating my rpi2 osmc with the Jan update my pulse audio server is not working anymore.

I can still connect my Bluetooth headphone but there is no audio output to my headphones.
I already tried to reinstall bluz and pulseaudio but it don’t fix my problem.

Before everything was find and working perfectly.

Anyone can help?

What are your headphones connected to?

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Same question occurs to me. After January update Bluetooth doesn’t work anymore

It seems that the january update has broken a lot more things than just the bluetooth…

Tipp: Rollback to previous osmc version will make it work again!

Bluetooth headphones are not officially supported. There’s a reason why the A2DP support is still in an experimental thread…

Hopefully someone can fix it.
Bluetooth is essential for me.
I don´t want to stuck at a old version for the rest of my life :slightly_smiling:
Dont get it wrong… i don´t want to blame any developer here.
Maybe you can just have a look around?

It feels like being not a big problem because it was working absolutly perfect in the last version before the jan update.

Is Bluetooth working again with February update? Anyone already tested?

No. It isn’t working. It Connects, though, but no audio