PuTTY not connecting on fresh install

I have a V4K and a rPi3. Prior to today I could control both of them using PuTTY from my windows machine. V4k is hard wired, rPi3 is wireless.

Today I noticed some corruption problems in my logfile on the rPi3 osmc so I wiped it out and did a clean install. Now that I’ve got it up and running I can’t use PuTTY to login “Network Error: Software caused connection abort”.

I could FTP just fine. I downloaded OpenSSH and that allows me in just fine, so it looks like it might be a PuTTY related error although it seems weird that the only different thing is a fresh install.

Any thoughts on what could be going on?

First thing: try updating PuTTY

SSH ciphers changed recently, and old versions of PuTTY may not be able to negotiate correctly


That fixed the problem! Thanks a lot for the quick reply.