PVR enabled. 'TV' missing from Home Menu


My ‘TV’ has disappeared from my main menu.

I use TVHE backend (on Vero4K+) and Tvheadend HTSP client as front end on LAN on Pi.

It was working up until recently. I can configure add-on and see it logging into TVHE backend so i know its alive.

When i enable and disable add-on a progress bar briefly appears at top right hand of screen.

I tried osmc skin, disabling and re-enabling add-on, recreating .kodi profile (mv .kodi .kodi_backup), rebooting etc to no avail.

Do i need to somehow uninstall TVHE client then reinstall?

Logs https://paste.osmc.tv/eqepayuxag

Suggestions very much appreciated.

Cheers, Geoff.

With the OSMC skin you should be able to go into Interface->Skin->configure and edit the main menu. Then maybe if you go back to Confluence you will see a difference.

thanks, i can select PVR & Live TV, and i can see my Recordings but TV guide is empty.

I’ve tried restarting tvhe client, clearing data … restarting, rebooting, reducing update interval for updates (to guide), resetting to default, changing skin and back again to no avail.

Feels like my hvte add on is corrupt … can i go in via CLI to manually remove, then add it again via usual process.

Thanks again, Geoff

I guess if you uninstall it, manually remove pvr.hts from somewhere in /usr/share/kodi and then try reinstalling it from an add-on repo you should get a ‘clean’ version.

fixed. Turned out to be a missed setting in the user’s profile in TVHE server.

Cheers, Geoff.

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