PVR Initial Buffering

Hi all,

Currently running Kodi 17 (although the issue is also present when I tested 16).

I’m having problems when initially starting H264 streams. It is happening across all streams from multiple sources.
When I first open a stream it spends the first 60 - 90 seconds buffering and attempting to fill the cache. After this time the stream will hit 100% and plays fine for the duration of the stream.

Is there an advanced setting I can place to help cache the initial stream to try and prevent this happening? It’s becoming quite frustrating at times.

RP3 if this helps.


There is indeed.

But what’s your connection like? That would be good to know first.
How is your Pi connected to the web?

Hi Sam,

Connection is fine 100mbit. It is actually a paid service i’m using to stream and is working fine on non rpi devices.

Rpi was wireless but have just plugged a cable in and the issue still persists.

It’s just the initial part of the live stream struggling to fill the cache. Once its full I don’t have an issue and can watch the stream for hours without buffering.



Run a speed test first if you can.

You can indeed adjust advancedsettings if necessary. But this usually means bad connectivity or a bad server. If you’re paying for a streaming service and it’s slow, they should be doing a better job.



Just ran a speed test and currently getting about 75Mbps. The streams are loading fine with other non-kodi devices so I can only assume it may be a memory issue with kodi.

Do you have any suggestions for the advancedsettings file? I believe the inputs have changed in Krypton?



Thank you.