PVR IPTV Simple Client

Hello everyone!

I just bought my pi2 and installed OSMC 02.2016.
I didn’t saw anyone with this problem so I opened this topic.
I enabled IPTV Simple Client as my PVR client. Enabled the TV on the settings menu. Restarted. The normal load of channels didn’t happen.
Tried to load channels thru the system menu and got this message “None of the connected PVR backends supports scanning for channels”.

The list I configured in OSMC on the pi2 was tested in my computer. Working fine.

Anyone can help?

Thank you very much

P.S Sorry my English. Self taught language.

have you configured it, setting up the path to the playlist?

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Yes man!

I did it many times already! In my computer, it’s working!

I did all the steps.

well, using iptv simple client right now and it’s working flawlessly…
same setup as yours.

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Don’t know why it isn’t working…

I downloaded a m3u list and changed from remote path to local and the iptv worked. The problem is in the loading process.

Worked with local file but didn’t when using remote address. Tested the list in my computer and loaded without problems.

Hello all!

I think I found the problem analysing the log. I use my osmc with an usb Wi-Fi adaptor and the IPTV try to load the list before the Wi-Fi network is set.

Any ideas how to solve it?

Thank you all

Have you set “wait for network”?

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No man! Ididn’t! Took some time to find it, but I enabled it now.

Still not working

13:39:02 112.305122 T:1666184176 ERROR: AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: Unable to load channels from file ‘http://lista.iptvglobal.com.br’: file is corrupted.

But in my computer it’s working!

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how big is your sd card? i think 8g is insufficient and cause data corrupted.

I have the same problem, in my I tried with Kodi on my computer and works fine.


That was not the problem. I have a 32gb sd.

Hi jonfer.

Try updating your osmc. I did it yesterday and now it is working.