PVR simple client not working properly

I have a raspberry pi 3 with latest OSMC (clean install 0 addons).
I have mpeg2 license.
I just put my m3u list into my PVR simple client, and channels take lots of time to open (almost 15 seconds each switch/play).

this is the log:

on VLC (PC) they open in an instant.

Help is greatly appreciated, got two old parents trying to watch tv on this

Seek support from the IPTV service provider or from developer of the simple client addon.

OSMC has no clue why your rogue list of channels takes forever to load/arrive from whatever “source” provides them to you.

I dont think it’s rogue :frowning:
I pay for this service and people say it is legit

my provider sadly doesnt know what a raspberry pi is :frowning:
I could really use some help
Are there other pvr addons that run m3u lists?

You are paying pirates.

Not surprising. They are only after your money.

I advised you that the best course of action other than the provider would be with the developers of the Simple Client addon.

could you tell me how you detect pirates? how do I know an iptv service is legit?

Unfortunately, it’s really rare for them to be ‘legit’. Usually if they are offering lots of different services at a price lower than the official channels, it’s not legal. E.g. if you can get HBO + Cinemax etc for less than the price of HBO, well there’s your answer.

The decision to use such services is personal. Unfortunately though, after looking at your logs I can’t see anything obvious.

Try Kodi on your PC to rule out a platform issue etc. You will have more luck with IPTV add-on developers and who sold you this package

Anyone who provides you a list of 789 channels (virtually every channel known on the planet) and includes premium pay network channels and bypasses the geoblocking native to legitimate IPTV channels, is a pirate.

How can you suspect that they are not pirates? If it was legit, why wouldn’t everyone be paying pennies for such a service?