PVR USB stick and kernel version

First off, thanks for an incredibly stable osmc. Amazing for an alpha build. Question, I see that the kernel is 3.1. Can you say if this is likely to change in the near future? I want to buy a PVR T2 usb stick and would like to get one that will work “out of the box” if possible. Could you recommend one? And is it simply a matter of enabling the installed TVheadend add-on?

Thanks again!

The current kernel is 3.18


Thanks Sam. Apologies for distracting questions, but will TVheadend server be included in next release or is it already in A4? I guess I want to know if it’s a waste of time doing any of this myself i.e. Will next release be an upgrade or a fresh install? Thanks again for a great piece of software.

It will be in the next release