Question about MyOSMC Update Notifications on Other Skins

I have a custom mod of the Estuary skin, and I was thinking about adding OSMC support to it, which seems like it’s just the MyOSMC menu item and then the icon when updates are available. I did some digging in the myOSMC addon, and I see where it sets an image and some window properties if there is an update available, but I can’t find where in the OSMC skin those are used. The more I looked at the MyOSMC addon, the more I started thinking the icon is skin independent (which I didn’t know you could do). To test that today I scheduled the download of the OSMC Easter update and set MyOSMC to download and display icon. I saw the download happen, but I didn’t get any icon on my screen (the download and prompt option has always worked, but it’s more instrusive than I’d like with the full screen prompt dialog).

So now I’m back to thinking the skin needs to support the download icon, but I’m not sure where I need to look to get an example of that I can use in my Estuary mod.

The icon is indeed skin independent.
@Karnage may be able to fill you in with more details.