Question about pvr.iptvsimple

Does somebody have package for install it to ATV-1?

My question is the same. Can anyone help install pvr.ip tvsimple?
I have spend all day reading forums - and cant find any help :frowning:

I am running cb2 with kodi Helix guided from here :+1:

Or do someone know, If I update to kodi 15 isengard will pvr.iptv simple still not work?

I have no idea if this may or may not work as I do not use this addon, but the Master Kodi IPTV Simple PVR zip file can be downloaded from here:

It may or may not work when you install it from Kodi > Settings > Addons > Install from zip file

Even if you upgrade to Kodi Isengard you should be able to downgrade again via the script to Kodi Helix if problems are encountered.

Hi Wrxtasy

Just tried - but it returned “add-on does not have the correct structure”

In the add-on menu, under “get add-ons” -> “all Add-ons” -> “PVR clients” I can se version 1.9.5
BUT when I try to install this, I’ll get the return “Dependens is not met. Please contact”
And I can not swap this preinstall version with the one you link to

Is there anyway to force an install ?

@tytty & @BAG_Ass
Hi both
I have the same problem
Have you found tha way to solve it?

If you use / install the newest openelec with kodi 15.1 it will work out of the box.

Otherwise, tjek openelec forum. Some where in the forum I read that there was made a zip file containing pvsimple tv that might work with CB 2.

Why are you on OSMC forums discussing openelec (which, by the way, is a very inferior distro)?

Katze: Like you, i am waiting for osmc ?
Tjekking this site on daily basis… If I could fall into a coma and wake up when its finish, i would.

Now, you are here to give me advices : in this sektion, under the headline : “question-about-pvr-iptvsimple” : Do you have another way to getting kodi 15 with working pvr client on Appel tv1?

@tytty Tx for the advice everything works nice!!!