Question regarding deinterlacer mediaportal TV server content

Hi, I hope you are able to help me.

My OSMC setup is working beautifully except for streaming TV.

I use Mediaportal TV server and when watching it I am experiencing severe interlacing artefacts, to the point where sport is difficult to watch.

I have tried every option with Kodi deinterlace options, but there doesn’t appear to be any affect on picture quality when cycling through each deinterlacer setting. Is there anything else that I can try. It seems as though the deinterlace is having no effect at all.

I am new to pi and kodi, I have been looking for a separate addon that might assist without any luck.


Sorry, I realise I should have posted this in help and support…

I am running osmc rc2 that came out about 10 days ago, on a raspberry pi 2. It’s connected to a cheap Aldi brand TV which runs 1080p @ 60hz for all my other content.

Changing Resolution settings and refresh rates might marginally improve things, it’s still quite noticeable though.

Mediaportal is acceding Australian PAL DVB - T content.

Does the purchase of an MPEG-2 license have any bearing on this problem?

Try pressing O during playback to bring up codec info, and check what codec is being used. This will be on the first line of the second paragraph and will say something like h264 or mpeg2.

If it says mpeg2 then yes you will need the mpeg2 license to play it properly.

Thanks DBmandrake … All sorted! I purchased the licences and it’s working like a charm. This thread can now be closed.