Quick way to force a refresh of video thumbnails?

As subject-line: is there a quick way to force a refresh of all video thumbnails?

In the current situation I only need to refresh the ones for videos that haven’t scraped, i.e. the ones that don’t have poster images but where it takes a frame from the video and uses that. But if it’s easier to refresh scraped poster-images at the same time, that’s not a problem.

Using texturecache.py is probably the best way.


Are you talking about TV shows or movies? For TV shows you can bring up the info screen on an individual show, hit refresh, and then tell it all episodes when it asks. I’m not sure that texturecache.py would really work for this. You can use it to force a recache, but i wouldn’t think that would change the selection of where it is currently pulling the thumbnail from.

I’m mostly thinking about test video clips that are not scrapable.

Those would get handled quite differently. As I understand it those thumbnails get generated with a timestamp. When they are next accessed the timestamp is checked and if it is more than 24hrs old it gets regenerated. The only way I am aware to force this is to move to a new file path.