Rainbow square top right

This is not a OSMC question per se, but I hope you guys can answer it nonetheless…

Is there any way to programmatically access the information when the rainbow square would appear in the upper right corner? Like when your using your PI headless and you want to know it that thing is underpowered?


Suggest your read this Under-voltage warnings - Raspberry Pi Forums
From what I found when quickly reading it the answer is no as it is implemented in the GPU code.

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Thanks man!

If you are good with electronics, you could of course implement a low voltage monitor in hardware and read it with the gpio pins.

…kinda like this: HOWTO: Add an analog input to the Pi - Raspberry Pi Forums . :wink:

Nah, this isn’t actually a pressing matter for me, I was just wondering if there was something you can cat from /proc or /sys… Obviously it is not that trivial.

You can read it from GPIO line