Random freeze - kernel panic

@popcornmix looked at it in the closed post and said it was kernel panic with tcp_urg

Okay – if it panics again, does the panic look the same?

Like I said sometimes the playback freezes and I can see when I have debug logging on that when its the kernel panic the debug on screen also stops. I can still ssh in though.
Yes when it does kernel panic its always the same. Happened three times last night.

Okay – please see other comments about overclock; services; and connection to the Network above.

And as above I was on Medium overclock and have set it to Normal.
Connected via ethernet to a switch then to router
SD/USB install

ANd forgot to answer @Toast earlier power supply is an official one from element14. Think it maybe two years now

When you say services is that how am I playing the files, like with an addon?

chargers can go bad overtime i remember my old charger for my first rpi also bought from element14 didnt hold the same charge as it did from the start so i have a policy where i exchange my chargers every other year.

that could also cause instability etc in the long run.

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I have got a multimeter so I’ll look into how to get the voltages

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voltage across pin 2 and pin 6 during boot is 4.72v

still consistent then so we can rule out that :slight_smile: so now we can focus on the kernel issue and thats something i leave to sam and popcornmix

ok thanks for your help.
@sam_nazarko @popcornmix would it be best to wipe it clean and start from fresh and see if its still happens or continue as it is?

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That wouldn’t hurt if you have a spare SD card.

I do have another sd which I could use for now, shall I ditch the USB then

That is concerning. It is out of spec, and the power consumed during boot is much less than the power consumed when scraping the library or scrolling though fanart. Measure again when scrolling though artwork (e.g. for movies) at full speed.

Yeah thought it was a little low. Will check again.