Random freeze of my vero4K

I have random freeze on my vero 4K.

Where the box freeze, the remote control have no effect, and no ssh connection if possible, and also no ping of the box.

The I power off, and power on, and the box returning to normal state.

Is anyone has an idea, how to diagnose the problem ?



Does the light on the front of the device turn red?

No the light stay blue when the freeze occur

Okay, then it’s possible Kodi is freezing but the system itself is likely still up.

If it’s kodi why i cannot ping and ssh the osmc box ?

Yeah, that would be strange. Anyhow provide debug enabled logs first maybe that already gives a clue.

I also crate log @ https://paste.osmc.tv/pemozihuki

Debug logging was not activated.
Please activate debug logging if you need to activate it without the onscreen display (if this only happens randomly) read this

So after you enabled debug logging, wait for it to freeze reload and then upload the logs.