Random freezes


I’ve had my Vero 4K for a while now, and sometimes it would just freeze out of nowhere.
The only solution would be to pull the power cable and plug it in again.

This used to happen like once or twice a month, but lately it’s been happening like once or twice a day.

I did some digging and read somewhere that replacing the PSU is a pretty good idea, so I got myself a universal adapter. However this did not solve the problem since shortly after it went to crashing again.

Crashes vary from not responding to input whilst being on the homescreen, black screens, blue screens and sometimes just mid video. Of course blended with the occasional sad face screen, in which case it restores itself.

In the case where the device freezes the device turns out to be VERY hot, almost too hot to touch. So I think the device suffers from overheating.

Hence I’ve been wondering whether I’m running too much software and whether I should fix up some extra cooling for it. (External fan or something) Or whether it’s actually some hardware or software fault.

Just generated this logfile:

Anyone got any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Is the device still reachable via Network (e.g. SSH or pingable)?

When it freezes it cuts off all network connections, e.g. SMB, SSH, FTP etc.

Try reinstalling OSMC and adding one addon / software package at a time


Hey Sam,

Thanks for the tip!

Reinstalled OSMC just now, so far so good. So we’ll see how it holds up in the long run.

It should be fine; just sounds like bad add-ons or repositories causing your problems.