Random frequent video freezing on Raspberry Pi 3

I’ve seen a few posts describing my problem, but can’t seem to find a solution. Definitely doesn’t seem to be widespread. I can’t find anything out of the norm in my logs.

The video will freeze, then after 7-10 seconds it will fast forward to catch back up. I can stop the video, then resume without problems. Sometimes a video will go 20 minutes, other times it’s 20 seconds before it happens again.

I’m also having intermittent wifi issues. The built-in wifi worked fine for months, then suddenly would not connect at all. I figured out how to use a wifi dongle and things are better, but it will still disconnect randomly. I can’t tell if it’s a hardware issue or not. I haven’t tested using a different OS, which is why I can’t verify if it’s bad hardware. Thanks for your help!

Forgot to include my top for the record:

Power supply:

I would suggest first testing with another power supply.

So the day before yesterday was freezing, yesterday didn’t freeze, but today the freezing has started again.

Could that still be a power supply issue if it’s inconsistent like that?

I think being inconsistent is a sign of power supply issues.

Ok, I’ll get a new power supply and see what happens. Thanks!

The official OSMC one is here: Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A - OSMC


Indeed, power supply it was. A new power supply has solved my video playback issues.