Random Reboots

Having a issue with rpi3 on 17.1 kodi.
Without warning my system will reboot. Please see log uploaded http://paste.osmc.io/yatavidoma

Have you tried a new power supply?

You also have a DB that is read only. Possibly corrupted from the reboots.

SQL: [Textures13.db] Attempt to write a readonly database


You are underclocking the arm_freq and overclocking (quite possibly to create your issue) the other clocks. Go back into MyOSMC and set overclocking back to “Normal” to get back to Rpi3 default clocks. MyOSMC is not yet updated to handle Pi3 overclocking.

Cheers, I will take a look
I’m using the usb port on the tv for power to the pi.

This is also a horrible idea and equally as likely to create your issue.

I’d advise against powering your Pi from TV for two reasons:

  • power loss when TV is off
  • likely insufficient power being provided to your device