Rasberry pi 2 and sound low volume

Hi , the setup is osmc /kodi 51.2 on the rassberry pi 2.
My sound is very low in volume , i do read that the normal 3,5 inch jacked will not make any louder sound then it is. here and there a trick but iam looking for better high volume sound , i come then to the hifiberry digi+ for quility sound but i can not read anywhere if the sound is also louder to be sent to the receiver. I use a yamaha vx650 receiver that has no HDMI input yet.

Is the sound with a hifiberry digi+ sending it louder to the receiver?


If you are plugging it into a receiver, can you not turn the receiver up?

Hi ,

Yes offcourse i can turn the receiver up , but the normal volume with radio and dvd or playstation is -35 , if i turn the volume to -10 then normal you would blow away in the room and the glass is shaking with the neighbours. with the rasberry pi 2 its on -10 and still i can hear it bearly.