Rasberry Pi2 to Slow for Kodi


So I spent the last couple of days setting up my pi2 with kodi as a replacement for my mx3 android box.

Im almost at the stage where I am going to retire the Pi to other projects as its just to slow to run Kodi IMHO.


  1. When scrolling through menu in kodi on Pi2 it often freezes for a second or so. MX3 is smooth.
    2.When scrolling through menu the background images often dont load leaving a black screen. MX3 never does this. Ive tried changing skin to Amber which has the same problem.
  2. Thumbnails take a long time to appear and are often not shown by the time selections are made in kodi. Mx3 on same wifi loads pretty much everything in time.

I really like the CRC Remote options on the pi and the way you can configure everything (as opposed to a lockef down android box) but the performances are a miles appart unless im doing something wrong…

Is this something i should expect with the pi2?

Tried using a network cable instead of wifi?
Tried another power supply?
I have none of those problems with a pi 2.

Edit: Also it needs to cache the images. Try the texturecache.py script or scroll to a entry and let everything load. Next time you go to that entry it should display instantly.


With a network cable it’s a lot faster. I’m using a Edimax USB Wifi Adapte Model no:EW-7622UMn. I am not sure if this is supported by the PI. It did not setup smoothly but seems to work.

I will try swapping the power supply and see if this makes a difference.

I tried to scroll through everything so it cached. When I scrolled back up again the items go black (is if they have not loaded before). I thought due to this it may be some type of memory issue (lack of performance).

I did not install OSMC from scratch I used an image from someones project which is here:

Perhaps I should do a fresh installation and try again from the beginning.

p.s I also tried changing skins. Im using Aeon Nox but when I changed to Amber I still had the problem with the background images not loading (sometimes).

Perhaps I should do a fresh install and try again…

Hold on a sec.

You are using an un-official build made by some guy on the internet and wondering why you are experiencing poor performance?

That’s like buying a used customised car, then complaining to the original manufacturer about the reliability.

OSMC on a raspberry pi 2 or 3 will always out-perform an android MX box with kodi, I know this from my own testing and comparison of several models of 'droid boxes.

I recommend using the official OSMC build available from http://osmc.tv/download to get the most from your RPi2.


Thanks for the honest response.

I brought the Rasberry Pi off ebay as a ‘package’. After doing some research I think the SD card maybe fake. If I try and write to it with Win32imager it fails 90% of the time. Also the colour when compared to the Sandisk from my phone is of a lesser quality (only slightly).

Im guessing if there are read / write issues on the card this could make it run slow.

Thanks for all of your help. Im going to do what you said and reinstall from scratch with the link you provided. Ill also try a different SD card!

Working like a dream, not convinced the SD card is genuine still. Thanks for everyones help.

I’m running my OSMC over NFS, having lost trust in SD cards during my Raspberry Pi 1 period.
Even that runs very smoothly.

Btw, Not sure if the distrust is still warranted, but it makes for an excellent backup having everything on the NAS and experimenting with a new image is litterally copy/past/reboot.

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