Rasp pi 2 osmc, Wifi problem/Remote help

Hello everyone. I currently am running OSMC on my raspberry pi 2. Everything is fine except for the fact my wifi card wont activate. In SSH it keeps mentioning there is no “wifi” technology, which im unsure if it is due to the wifi stick itself, or the program. I almost want to believe there isnt even a preinstalled directory for the raspberry pi to “look up” what to do with the wifi card. Originally i set up OSMC as a wired connection, thinking i could add wireless later through SSH. However, I later reinstalled and imaged a brand new OSMC copy onto the raspberry pi, this time with the wireless setting chosen. Still no effect. Even in the GUI, i cannot switch the network type from wired to wireless…

I can link the Dmesg below, as well as some other info.

http://paste.osmc.io/uwaqozabiy.vhdl << DMESG

http://paste.osmc.io/anifevadut.m << folders where it SHOULD show [WiFi]

USB WiFi Adapter for Raspberry Pi | The Pi Hut << The dongle im using

Second problem is my remote, i used “sudo modprobe lirc_rpi” and a few other lines to confirm that the ir receiver and remote were communicating. I had a response that confirmed all was working. Now my question is, How do i get it to navigate through OSMC? Ive already downloaded the config file for the apple tv (2) remote. I just do not understand why it wont work. Could anyone give me a simple walk through to fix the problems? Thank you so much!

Unfortunately from the log file it appears that there is currently no driver for that adaptor in OSMC - it shows up as idVendor=148f, idProduct=7601 in dmesg but no driver loads.

So at the moment the adaptor is not supported.

Well thats disappointing, thank you DBMandrake.